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Manufacturing Machines and Roll Forming Equipment

TK Metals offers a wide range of manufacturing machines and roll forming equipment for our customers looking for machines to form the metals.

After Reconditioning 2 and Driven Stand

TK Metals represents Addison Machine which offers a wide range of manufacturing machines and roll forming equipment for our customers looking for machines to form the metals. Addison Machine provides roll form machines and components.

Whether your need new rolls manufactured from existing drawings or a full roll assembly including housings and bearings, you can turn to TK Metals tooling experts for all your needs. We are a reliable roll forming equipment supplier to help you get what you need, and our manufacturing engineering can achieve the most demanding applications. We focus on matching our customer's specific requirements with a wide range of turning capacity from 0.25” to 53.00” diameter rolls. We put all the parts together to deliver products within your budget for your complete satisfaction.

New Manufacturing Capabilities

We offer new manufacturing capabilities for Straightener Rolls from the roll assembly (roll body and shaft) to full offerings of the entire roll. In addition, we also provide housing assemblies, including housings, bearings, seals, and other necessary components.

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Reconditioning Services and Solutions

We pre-inspect the entire unit when we receive an assembly, including the roll body, shaft, and housings. After a thorough inspection, we start the reconditioning process based on the requirements. Whether a new roll body and shaft assembly is required or simply cleaning up the roll body, TK Metals has the capabilities to meet your needs.

We provide new manufacturing roll tooling and design services. Our products have 0.25” to 53.00” turning capacities. So whether you need new rolls designed from scratch or made from existing drawings, you can count on our tooling experts for outstanding products.

Design and Style Specifications

All our products are made in the US. Our customers can choose from a range of design and style specifications, including:

  • Tube & Pipe Roll Tooling Designs
  • “W” Form Breakdown Rolls
  • Modified Edge Break Rolls
  • Carbide Rolls and Fin Blades
  • Wear Rings for Fin Roll Assemblies
  • Floating Fin Roll Designs
  • Floating Flange Roll Designs
  • Guide Rolls
  • Steel Mill Rolls
  • Custom Designs and Profiles Available

Roll Materials

Our customers can choose from a variety of rolls which are made from high-quality materials, including:

  • D2 & H13 tool steels are commonly used
  • Other tool steels available upon request
  • Ampco material
  • Carbide material
  • Nylatron material

Design and Consulting

We provide design and consulting services, including:

  • New Tooling Design
  • Tooling Design Review

You need a mill that runs reliably day in and day out. Moreover, the mill downtime causes your business to lose money and time with a low-quality mill. That’s why you need tough equipment that pumps out tubes consistently. Your tube and pipe must meet spec run after run. And TK Metals gives you that by providing TIG weld and high-frequency weld tube mill systems and a holding tolerance without constant adjustment.

Benefits of Our Tube Mill

Our tube mill has multiple benefits, including:

  • It is designed and built rock-solid for dependable performance and increased uptime
  • Easy to use and low maintenance costs with purposeful design and features
  • Heavy-duty components with long-lasting accuracy
  • Backed by three generations of tube mill know-how
  • Custom engineered and designed for the customer’s needs

Features of Our Tube Mill

Our tube mill has multiple benefits and excellent features to meet your requirements, including:

  • Rafted Modules for Quick Change, Automated Systems
  • Single-Point Adjustment Roll Stands
  • Complete Entry Systems / Edge Trim Units
  • Cutoff and Exit Equipment
  • Single or Multiple Torch Welding Systems
  • Servo-Controlled Adjustment – Programmable or Manual
  • DC or AC Drive Systems

At TK Metals, we provide tube mill reconditioning services that include:

  • Tube Mill Inspection Services
  • Tube Mill Component Replacement
  • Tube Mill Component Rebuild
  • Tube Mill Raft Replacement Complete
  • Tube Mill Rebuilds

TK Metals also provide mill alignment services, including:

  • Mill Base Level and Twist Check
  • Complete Mill Stand Inspection
  • Vertical, Horizontal Center Correction
  • Shaft Parallelism Correction
  • Entry, Weld, and Exit Equipment Alignment

Our TIG Mill Component Solutions are designed to match the customer’s needs and specific requirements. TK Metals’ tube and pipe mill components are engineered with decades of know-how, precision repeatability, and innovation. That means less setup time, less waste, and operator training to make your investment one of the smartest on the shop floor. From entry guides to turkshead units, contact us today to see the difference.

The Entry Guide ensures the strip enters the mill centered and straight and that the strip is formed symmetrically about the centerline of the mill.

Driven Pass Stands from the strip gradually into a cylinder while driving material through the mill itself.

Idle Pass Stands apply pressure on the forming tube to assist in the shape formed between the driven stands.

Primary functions are to stabilize and guide the strip edges as they enter the weld apex and apply pressure to forge the heated edges of the formed strip together for a good weld.

A Turkshead Unit straightens the tube. Specially designed turksheads reshape the tube into other shapes, such as squares.

Laser Technologies focus is on laminations for the motor and generator industries. Laser Technologies also offer laser cutting and fabrication